Responsibility Overview

We aim to cooperate actively on the transformation of industry and global value chains and thus to foster the transition to a more sustainable world. We are therefore continuously enhancing our organizational structures and management tools – always with the objective of making the best possible use of human, natural, and financial resources in the interests of sustainable development. We thus create a measurable benefit for our company and for society.

Responsibility News


LANXESS increases prices for engineering plastics


Keep on Rolling

Polyurethane wheel treads based on Adiprene LF pPDI keep roller coasters safely on track, even under extreme conditions.

LANXESS recognized by CDP as global climate protection leader

CDP stamp 2020

LANXESS extends product portfolio with new ion exchange resins for heparin production and sugar decolorization

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is extending its portfolio of specialty products in the consumer care segment to include the new Lewatit PH 1074 HEP. In addition to the decolorization of fermentation broths and sugar, it is particularly suited to the purification and intermediate storage of heparin.

LANXESS increases prices for 1,6-hexanediol

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Corporate Governance

Our clear and strategic guidelines are based on responsible values that guide our business activities.
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Our clear and strategic guidelines are based on responsible values that guide our business activities.
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Material Topics

We conduct our materiality analysis in accordance with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative.
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Social Added Value

Social Added Value is a concept that helps guide us down a path to value creation for our company and all of society.
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We are committed to the Sustainability Indices and to different global initiatives. Our aim: Quality, safety and environmental protection.
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In an increasingly volatile political and economic environment, values-based, responsible and reliable business conduct is more important than ever before. 

Sebastian Röhrig

Head of Corporate Responsibility

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