Segments and Business Units


The LANXESS Group is a globally operating chemical enterprise that is characterized particularly by flexible asset structures, a diversified customer base, a worldwide presence and an entrepreneurial management structure.

Our core business is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics. In these central fields of industrial chemistry we deploy our specific core competences of chemical expertise, application know-how, flexible asset management and close co-operation with our customers.   

The operational business of LANXESS is grouped into four segments which include Advanced Intermediates, Engineering Materials, Specialty Additives and Consumer Protection.

The four segments report directly to the Executive Board in order to have the greatest possible freedom of development. The respective management is responsible for strategic development and alignment - in close cooperation with its product and customer management.

Advanced Intermediates AdobeStock_110581247.jpeg

Advanced Intermediates

Our activities in the field of basic and fine chemicals have been pooled in this segment. We are a key player in custom synthesis, manufacturing of chemical precursors and specialty active ingredients.
Engineering Materials AdobeStock_44662907.jpeg

Engineering Materials

The advanced Engineering Materials segment provides a broad range of engineering plastics and polyurethane systems to major industries around the world. Your benefit: a powerful R&D network.
Specialty Additives AdobeStock_94995605.jpeg

Specialty Additives

In the specialty Additives segment, we bundle all areas that produce additives.
This includes plastic additives and lubricants as well as rubber and colorant additives.
Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

LANXESS specialty chemicals that protect people and their environment in many areas of life - that's what our Consumer Protection segment stands for. 

Business Units

The responsibilities for the operational business are borne by our business units which are grouped into the four segments Engineering Materials, Advanced Industrial Inermediates, Specialty Additives and Consumer Protection.

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Matthias Zachert, Dr. Anno Borkowsky, Michael Pontzen, Dr. Stephanie Co?mann and Dr. Hubert Fink are the members of our Board of Management. The business units report directly to the Executive Board.
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